Friday, January 30, 2015


We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. They've been assigned to home teach us, so I offered them food. We had a nice visit, and I thought we might make it through the night without a lesson, but no luck. The message was nicely prepared and there was only one time where I felt uncomfortable about what was being said. One missionary was talking about all the "mistakes" he's made and how many more "mistakes" he's going to make. He said he wanted to be perfect and was trying to be perfect and mentioned the frequent guilt he feels at not being able to be all he should be and that he was grateful for the atonement. I really wanted to protect my three-year-old daughter from the message that she should feel guilty for all the times she wasn't and couldn't be perfect and also that  something external was necessary for her to feel ok about herself. As the lesson was coining to a close she kicked back with her arms behind her head and said, "Listen to me, guys. I don 't make mistakes. .... Actually, when I make mistakes I just take a few minutes and calm down and take some deep breaths like this. (Inhale, exhale). Mistakes are not a big problem. I just make mistakes and then I calm down and breath. That's all. We all make mistakes. It's not a big problem." I was beaming. I seriously have the most amazing child! The missionaries were pretty impressed by her message. To that, I say, Amen.

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  1. Oh my! I love that girl so much! This is awesome and a testament to the way she is being raised. xoxo!!!!